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About Michael Tortorich Photography

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by photography. Even as a child, I would commandeer the camera and document family events. As I grew older, my interest in photography only grew greater. Right out of high school, I began working as a freelance writer and photographer for local newspapers. I continued to work for publications while I attended Louisiana State University, where I earned a degree in journalism. In an effort to receive a broad education, I majored in mass communication, and minored in history and psychology. I have worked full-time positions at two television stations and a newspaper within the last decade. As a journalist, I have covered a wide array of topics. As a sports editor, I tell the stories of human drama played out in the athletics we love. I present these tales through descriptive writing and impact photography. Put simply, I capture the photos that are worth a thousand words. I have been there for tears of joy...and tears of sorrow. I have been there to document the young amateurs still perfecting their skills, and the professionals competing at the highest level. I have been on the sidelines for NFL and major college games. Due to my education and experience, I approach photography with unique perspective. Mere serendipity is not enough to create truly outstanding photography. I am a firm believer in working for the perfect shot. The greatest photographers aren't lucky – they make their own luck through putting in the necessary work and applying their expertise. A camera is to a photo what a brush is to a canvas; both are simply tools that can transform mundane objects into beautiful works of art. I don't waste a lot of time tinkering with gear. Instead, I focus on creating the best possible photography.


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Call: 225.717.0762 or e-mail: mtortorich@hotmail.com
I generally serve the south Louisiana area, including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houma, Hammond, Lafayette
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